Handmade Duvet Covers - Open on 3 sides 


Welcome to Qande Duvet Covers.

Our Duvet Covers are currently HANDMADE and Made to Order

in West Yorkshire.  

They open on 3 sides and fastened on 3 sides with buttons.  

They are ideal for people of all ages.  

(We have stopped making the duvet covers with Velcro because most customers have returned them and not liked them.  We will only use velcro if you specify.

They are ideal for housewives who have 2 or more beds to make. 

 They are also ideal for people with busy lives as it takes approx. 3 minutes to change the bedding and only needs one person to change the bedding.  

They are also good for students who hate changing the duvet cover.

By buying these Duvet Covers, you have kindly contributed to the pride of our workers here in West Yorkshire and the welfare of their families. 

 We also have other products on Ebay:- 

All orders are delivered in 21 days. They are all made on order.

                                                                                                                                                                         You can join us on facebook by clicking on this link. 

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